Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear Odessa

Guess what?! I bought two Rebecca Magazines! Eek; I'm so excited. I bought them from the official Rebecca website: The magazines were about $11, and shipping added up to $6. Has anyone ever purchased from the Rebecca website before? I looked around at other retailers, and it would be about $20+ to buy one magazine (if you include shipping). I'm hoping all goes well since they're shipping from Germany. Eh...

On another note... I was really angry with my mother yesterday, so to avoid her, I hid in my room and knitted up Odessa from magknits. Here she be ladies and gents...

I lurv the color. It's really not the best color on me, but I can't help it. Naturals just do it for me. It may be hard to see in the first pic, but I did use beads as the pattern called for.

I think I knit a bit loosely, as the hat came out to be slightly large on my head, and I have, by no means, a small mellon. Could be the fact that there's microfiber in the yarn, which always leads to mucho stretching. I shouldn't knit hats. They are not a very good look on me, especially beanies. But... but... but I adore the way they look on other people. *sigh*

Pattern: Odessa

Yarn: I skein of Rowan Cashsoft, in a tan color that I'm too lazy to get the "official" name of.

I didn't gauge it like I should have. To fix the slightly large state, I ran elastic thread around the bottom of it to tighten it up a bit. Worked perfectly, but makes the hat sort of unprofessional, I think. Oh well. Live and learn. Looking back, I wish I'd used pearl colored beads like I wanted, but I was too lazy to go to the store, and at the time, clear beads sounded like a good idea. They're not bad, just not the best. All in all, a great success at avoiding my mother and attractive enough that I'll wear it once in a while. Just like all my other hats.


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