Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Projects... Oh the Sweet Scent of Projects...

So here are some pics of things I'm currently working on. I'm a total nerd, and I counted projects in the works, plus projects intended (as in, I've purchased yarn) and I have ten total! I guess that's probably normal or subnormal even, but it's a lot for me. I don't have enough time in the world. At least I've begun reading while knitting. It's so practical. Reading goes slow (more absorption of material, I say), and I'm knitting, which I'd be doing instead of reading for school anyway! Woot!

So I'll start with this fugly thing...

It's supposed to be a cardigan. The left front to be exact. I just randomly started knitting it last Sunday. Total spur of the moment thing that has me quite excited. The pattern is super easy (so far) and very quick to knit up, even on #5's. I suppose I still have a back, front, sleeves, button-band, seaming, neck-edge, buttons, and blocking (not necessarily in that order) left to do so I shouldn't get so ahead of myself. Heheh.

Here's my next project:

Standard, boring scarf. Oh how original am I? It's a knit-one, purl-one pattern with Lionbrand Homespun. Not exactly a "luxury" yarn, but to a poor college student, it's heaven to the touch.

Another project:

Will be a bookbag. I can't finish this one until I get home though because I need a sewing machine to line it. Don't have one of those at college! It's really un-fun to make though. I have to do the back, and out of pure laziness, I'm not doing another star. I don't know if I like it, but the time I've put into it compels me to complete it. Grrrr....

Oh, I will post my crocheting, sewing, stencilling, blah blah whatever projects here as well... I just mainly knit at college. It's my "thing". Well... yeah. Thanks for taking a peeksy!