Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All in Good Time

So basically, I've finished a lot of things since returning home for the summer. I'm bored and jobless (bitches don't want to hire me), so I've got plenty of time to slave away on the knitting needles or behind a sewing machine. But I have NO PHOTOS! I'm terrible at taking my own pictures, but my mother has promised me that she will help me take photos of my completed projects (oblivious to the fact that I'll upload them on the Internet). Muahahaha. Until that day comes, this blog is going to look fairly empty. Which is actually okay, since no one reads it. Hahaha.

And because a blog is never complete without a picture, here is an irrelated one:

My cat. He's precious.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear Odessa

Guess what?! I bought two Rebecca Magazines! Eek; I'm so excited. I bought them from the official Rebecca website: The magazines were about $11, and shipping added up to $6. Has anyone ever purchased from the Rebecca website before? I looked around at other retailers, and it would be about $20+ to buy one magazine (if you include shipping). I'm hoping all goes well since they're shipping from Germany. Eh...

On another note... I was really angry with my mother yesterday, so to avoid her, I hid in my room and knitted up Odessa from magknits. Here she be ladies and gents...

I lurv the color. It's really not the best color on me, but I can't help it. Naturals just do it for me. It may be hard to see in the first pic, but I did use beads as the pattern called for.

I think I knit a bit loosely, as the hat came out to be slightly large on my head, and I have, by no means, a small mellon. Could be the fact that there's microfiber in the yarn, which always leads to mucho stretching. I shouldn't knit hats. They are not a very good look on me, especially beanies. But... but... but I adore the way they look on other people. *sigh*

Pattern: Odessa

Yarn: I skein of Rowan Cashsoft, in a tan color that I'm too lazy to get the "official" name of.

I didn't gauge it like I should have. To fix the slightly large state, I ran elastic thread around the bottom of it to tighten it up a bit. Worked perfectly, but makes the hat sort of unprofessional, I think. Oh well. Live and learn. Looking back, I wish I'd used pearl colored beads like I wanted, but I was too lazy to go to the store, and at the time, clear beads sounded like a good idea. They're not bad, just not the best. All in all, a great success at avoiding my mother and attractive enough that I'll wear it once in a while. Just like all my other hats.